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  • Airline Tickets: Business Class/First Class

    First and Business Class seats are available on International flights.

    A restful airline flight is essential for those traveling long distances for business. The luxurious services offered in first class are perfect for getting that much-needed rest on the long journey — but are the steep price worth it?

    Stretch out in fully lie-flat Business Class seats, relax in our Onboard Lounge, savor five-course gourmet meals and complimentary fine wines from around the world and enjoy up to 1,800 channels of award-winning inflight entertainment.

    Business Class passengers can also enjoy premium lounge access and take advantage of our complimentary Chauffeur-drive service, from all our nine US gateways and over 70 cities worldwide.

    The top services you receive in business class tend to vary depending on the airline and whether the flight is domestic or international. Still, there's no doubt that business class is nearly as luxurious as first, at a much more reasonable price.

    These days, both first-class and business sections typically feature lie flat seats, good food, and free alcohol. The only noticeable differences between the two is that some international first-class cabins feature fancier meal choices and enclosed, suite-like spaces (privacy) for each passenger.

    Airline spend lot of money in developing the first class cabin setting so when you buy a business-class seat, you're paying to have a flying experience that's at the very forefront of airplane technology.

    First Class

    March 27, 10:24 am
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