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    Finding a discount on your airfare for business trips, family vacations can be a real challenge, but with the right tools and some know how, you can often save hundreds of dollars. Compare cheap flights & airline tickets within and from the USA; Shop around for deals from airlines, agents & discount airfare specialists for real time ticket prices and flights, quick, secure & instant confirmation of your reservation!
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    Hotwire Hotwire Fares Hotwire Deals
    Hotwire offers rock-bottom airline fares, hotel rates, car rentals etc. It's ideal if you have some flexibility in your travel times or choice of airlines. Need to register to use. You state your request. Hotwire will give available "super discount" fares without details of precise time, airline etc. You have two hours to accept. If you do, details will be revealed to you, but you are committed to purchase.

    Priceline Priceline Fares Priceline Deals
    When you use Priceline, you are bidding on your airfare, and you generally get some real bargains. There are trade offs: for one thing, you don't get to choose the exact flight time. You can specify the date and whether you're willing to accept a red eye (overnight) flight, but that's about all. You also don't get to pick the airline, though Priceline only works with major carriers. Most important, if they accept your bid, you are charged immediately and your ticket is absolutely "no refunds, no exchanges."

    Travelocity Travelocity Fares Travelocity Deals is great online source for air ticket reservations. Through the Sabre system, they have access to almost 95% of air tickets between all major cities so you can easily compare prices on specific flights from most major airlines

    Expedia Expedia Fares Expedia Deals
    Expedia offers great deals on airline tickets and can try and save you money through their PriceMatcher service. Easily search for flights during non peak hours to save you money or search for flights within your specifications. Expedia provides overviews of fare rules and restrictions that are more understandable than those of other sites we reviewed in this category.

    In order to find the lowest ticket price you should know:
    • Minimum and maximum stay requirement: sometimes one more day of one less can save 50 % or more.
    • The time of day you wish to travel may affect the price of the air ticket significantly
    • Seasonal considerations: starting the trip a few days earlier could make a big difference.
    • Advance booking requirements like when you make the reservation will have a big impact on the fare.
    • The travel sites may not offer the lowest fare and other alternatives you may wish to consider.
    • Traveling on certain days of the week are less expensive than others see below.
    Traveling in "High Season" can significantly increase the price you pay for a ticket. Usually high season is during long weekends or holidays. Generally starting the journey just a few days earlier can offer substantial savings on your air fares.

    Flight reservations in first, business, club and economy class are all possible with most airline reservation system and displays seat availability, holds seat reservations and gives the latest and best discount ticket price from its database of cheap air fares.

    Electronic Tickets Enjoy paperless air travel with e-tickets now offered by many major airlines. When you buy e-tickets, you?l receive a confirmation of your purchase at the end of your transaction. E-tickets are currently available on Air Canada, America West, American Airlines, American Trans Air, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Midway Airlines, Midwest Express Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Trans World Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.

    Reconfirming Flight Times Be sure to reconfirm your flight times periodically, especially if you've booked far in advance. The airlines have a poor record of notifying passengers when flight times change.

    Reducing Ear Pain & Pressure If you or your kids suffer from pain and/or pressure in your ears during flights, there is a great product called EarPlanes that you will love! They equalize the pressure in your ears, eliminate discomfort and reduce noise. Each pair lasts for two flights; buy Ear Planes Online.

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