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  • Frequently Asked Questions on Airline Tickets (FAQ)

    Why can't I find available flights online?
    There are several reasons: The flights may be sold out. The schedule may require more than one airline to connect and booking engine may not recognize this. The flight schedule may require more than 2-3 segments each way and booking engine cannot process. If you do not find available space for the requested fare, a request may be made by contact us form or by telephone to a live agent.

    When looking for low prices airfare online, what are the things to watch out for?
    One of the most important things to remember when searching for online airfares is that discounted tickets will most likely have restrictions placed on them. These restrictions may include no refund clauses if you miss your flight, limitations on the times you can leave and return, and other restrictions. Be sure that you understand any restrictions prior to making your purchase.

    When I purchase an airline ticket online, will I be able to make changes to my reservations if I need to?
    Making Changes depends on the provider of the tickets, and on what restrictions they have placed on the sales. In some cases, discounted air tickets cannot be changes without penalty. In some cases the tickets are non-refundable if you miss the flight or need to change the arrangements.

    When purchasing tickets online, can I have the tickets sent to me at work?
    When you order airline tickets online and pay by credit card, you will usually be required to have the tickets sent to the same address as your credit card statements are sent to. This protects the seller from fraudulent orders using stolen credit cards.

    Should I confirm my air travel arrangement?
    Yes, you should always confirm your air travel reservations with the air carrier a couple of days after you made them, and again a couple of days prior to departure.

    How do I get my tickets?
    Our Partners send all tickets by DHL, FedEx or Airborne Express. Tickets are sent out as soon as payment has been received and processed. If you have more questions about your tickets, please use the contact us. To track your shipment or to request a tracking number please go to our shipping page.

    How is it possible to get such low fares?
    our Partners being high volume producer for numerous international airlines, has the power to negotiate bulk rates and great discounts to all of the world's destinations. Airlines use consolidators to move market share and fill low yield seats in various market sectors. Consolidators do not pre-purchase seats and then unload them at the last minute, as commonly believed. Rather, rates are negotiated and the seat inventory is controlled by the airlines involved. Tickets sp;d by our partners allow the same choice of flight, schedule and seating preference as with other normal and higher airfares. Differences between normal and negotiated airfares come in the form of change penalties and refund policy. Please make sure to check these with your agent, as all airlines have different policies.

    What is an airfare consolidator or wholesaler?
    A traditional consolidator represents the airline in local markets, selling tickets only to other retail agencies. Our Partners on the other hand sells directly to you, the public, avoiding the middleman and saving you money.

    Are consolidated fares more restricted than standard fares?
    Actually this is a widely held misconception. The rules are very similar with the only difference being in the amount refunded in cases of cancellation. Certain tickets are completely non-refundable or changeable. Rules vary per airline, and it is important to get these details from your agent before purchasing your tickets

    What form of payments are accepted?
    Following forms of payments are accepted
    • All Major Credit Cards.
    • Banker's Checks
    • Wire Transfers

    Can an Airline refuse to board me if I have a valid ticket?
    Yes, you can be refused boarding for many reasons. Here are a few:
    • Failing to present proper I.D., passport or other necessary governmental paperwork to complete your trip.
    • The name on your ticket doesn’t match the name on your I.D.
    • Refusing to allow a search of your luggage or your person.
    • Behaving in an abusive, disorderly or violent manner.
    • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Refusing to cooperate with any reasonable request made by security or Airline personnel.

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